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10h x 24w Music Graphic, Three lines of text - TntMusicBox - 2

12h x 36w Music Graphic, Three lines of text

$ 60.00

This is economical and it works!  

Place a unique  musical graphic sign on your rear window and promote your studio in your community. Purchase this for sign size up to 12 inches in height and 36 inches in width.  During the check out process there is a place to "add a note to your order." Click on this and type in the dimensions (height and width) of your sign.

 Three lines of text, each  with a maximum 24 letters.   We suggest your instrument(s), studio name, studio web address or business phone number. 

With the information you provide, we will artistically render your window sign to the dimensions you provide, but not greater than 12 inches high and 36 inches wide.  Remember, the lettering will necessarily be proportional to text line you provide along with the selected graphic. Option "guitar, acoustic 2" and "guitar, electric 2" will be part of fhe word design of the "guitar lessons" text line.

Lettering color is white.  Graphic color is your choice. White (red for the heart) is the default  graphic color.  If you need more customization beyond this please contact us at

The pictured sign has lettering approximately 3 inches tall, easy to see at lights, in parked areas and from some distance on the road. Graphic is Trumpet. 

We will send you a ready to install graphic art sign for your car window and a teflon squeegee for the installation.  

The signs are very easy to apply.  See the article in our blog section titled "Applying your sign in five easy steps."

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